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Epic Tree

Epic Tree

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• Dimensions: 16" W  x 16" L

• 16" W x 16" L

• Mixed Media on Panelboard

• Year 2020

• Copyright Rissa Calica

My morning walks with Rafi, our beagle boy, always catches us both bumping into this gorgeous, evergreen tree.

Its vibrant leaves glistening with morning dew, are all turned up to the sun as if in prayer.

In return, I would fling my hands in the air to say a prayer of thanks. It's a simple act, a heartfelt prayer for God to surprise me with something epic that day. 

More often than not, it happens.

 • • •

"Epic Tree" is a signed, hand-created Original Rissa Calica art. It is certified authentic with Verisart, the global standard in Art Certification and Verification, using the blockchain.

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Infused with the magic of Tunis Village, Fayoum

Painted in Egypt

Yalla Bina and Allahn were painted in Tunis Village and are currently at the Arseneo Gallery, Fayoum, Egypt.

Art Gone Green.

I champion sustainability and enjoy giving new life to pre-loved things.

My canvases are of recycled vinyl canvas wallcoverings from my previous company's projects. It’s satisfying to give things a second-life.

That said, I support workshops that help create new skill sets for the youth. It's life-uplifting, and transformative, just like my art.