"My art pieces express positivity and playfulness and intend to take you to the happiest place on Earth. Your heart."


Rissa Calica

Internationally-exhibited. Award-winning Filipina Artist. Her art celebrates life as it is meant to be—joyful.

Hi, I am Rissa Calica, a corporate brand designer turned fine artist. I used to craft B2B and B2C advertising messages that help improve lives. Today, I craft art messages that delight, inspire, and transform.

Marriage and raising 4 sons while spearheading campaigns eventually took a toll on my sanity, so in 2015, "the little girl within” carved out time to paint.

I traded my stilettos to sneakers (and a paintbrush), and evolved. Today, I am internationally awarded. My works are in private collections in Australia, Europe, USA, and in my beloved Philippines.

My art are expressionist pieces of positivity and playfulness. They are created to take you to your happiest place or Earth—your heart. That's my aesthetic and spirit—and I’m always on 5th gear to make all these happen!