Wanderluv 🌈

Wanderluv 🌈

We've been homebound for close to 60 days now. So here's a question: Have you refreshed your spaces yet? Doing so energizes your outlook as well. If you haven't gotten to it yet, now is the best time.

Refresh 101

Where do you start? How about with a statement piece—your couch, an accent furniture or art—any piece that excites you works.

Either the ones you acquired or made yourself, that art piece you display tells about who you are or what you stand for.

Once that jump off point finds its place, all elements follow suit. In this lounge room, the complementary colours of the pillows, rug, or accent lamp creates overall harmony.

More than the vibe, it's the back stories behind each piece that make them worthy of your space.

Meet "Wanderluv", a favorite statement piece of mine. It represents everything I love about travelling and exploring the world we live in. ✈

I paint my travels, because it rekindles a burst of sensation each time I look at the piece. The taste of the world's most delicious ice cream in Enschede... the burn of my hamstrings after the 3-hour trek up the hills of Rome... the giggles after an afternoon feeding fish in Coron ...the warmth of a hug in a sweet sisters' reunion at the Basel airport...These precious moments come alive again. 😍

Now that's definitely refreshing. 🙂 🌟🌈

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