True Koi 🏆

True Koi 🏆

"You're such a Koi!"

A True Koi 
48" x 48"
Mixed Media on Canvas
Copyright Rissa Calica 2020


"What a Koi!"

In true Chinese Internet lingo, a "True Koi" means someone who succeeds effortlessly.  🤩

Success is our natural birthright. It is God Our Creator's, design for us. Sadly, many of us don't get this. Once we truly understand that God is the power that accomplishes our desires, these will be so‚ without trying too hard. 🎖

Raymond Charles Barker said it perfectly in his book, The Power of Decision, "Let God be God. Keep your hands off the process."

So here is an invitation to listen intently to inspiration. The directions to take and ways to proceed will be revealed to us. And like the graceful koi, idea after idea will flow in perfect order and sequence. 🐠

"True Koi", a 48" x 48" mixed media on stretched canvas beauty, sits impeccably in my home gallery are. And I just love it! ❤️🤸‍♂. It celebrates the pursuit of success in our own streams observing active faith.

When we do —in no time, we will be the "True Koi" we are meant to be. 🤩 🏆

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