The Nurturing

The Nurturing

Many of you asked about the art on my home page.  You said it was cheerful and enchanting. Thank you. ❤️  But kudos truly belong to this lovely mother who inspired me,

 and how feathering a nest of 5 was more of a boon than a bane. I was so inspired, I dedicated this poem to her too.  ❤️

The Nurturing 🐦

She makes a way.
She paves the way.
She weaves colored aspirations to not lead them astray.
The most trying of circumstances, she danced with them.
With the most abstract solutions one might say.

A Mother of five,
empowered to win.
The choice to fly, move upward
As she tears the skies, embraces day from night
She watches her 5 rise and take flight.

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