That Cuppa

That Cuppa

 Have you ever extracted the joys of sharing a cup of coffee or tea? Something as everyday and fleeting can be cherished in art and a poem. Please indulge me. Enjoy!


That Cuppa


It draws me,

It refreshes me,

It inspires me,

It renews me.


When emptiness calls,

No one picks up.

Instead, we wander in the limitless


Soaking up the moment.


I cherish the closeness,

I cherish the connection,

I cherish the depth and breadth of

Of our conversations.


I love us being more,

I love us being more than we are,

As we show up for ourselves,

And for each other.


It’s always bliss,

It’s always a wellspring of joy,

An endless stream of

The outpouring of hearts and minds

Each time we share

That Cuppa.


Words and Art by,

Rissa Calica



May you be wildly blessed!

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