Tearing up... my Art Studio 💃🎨

Tearing up... my Art Studio 💃🎨

Currently playing: "Satin Jackets" 🎧

Working on a collage using Japanese graphic elements and rice paper, I've decided to bust some moves and pay a creative homage to my obsession with dancing. 👠

The art of the collage is one of my favourite art processes.

There's something so satisfying about tearing paper!

I miss tearing up the dance floor with my dance buddies Angela Luz, Bunny Fernandez, Vicki Pastoriza, Brenda Perez and Blanche Bolo. We would paint the town every color of the rainbow at Salon de Ning, Strumms, Prive and Wild Flour! Oh, those were the days. 💃

Nowadays, it's get-down-Saturday-Night in my art studio, and dancing with my creative self. Same fun, same intensity, different medium. 🎨

Wonder where this number will take me? 🕺 Watch for it. ❤

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