Taxed €400++ for Art You Made? Priceless! 🎨

Taxed €400++ for Art You Made? Priceless! 🎨

One year in, and it's safe to say I can now talk about it. Two of my paintings got questioned and taxed heavily upon arrival at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. ✈

Should I be excited that Dutch customs held my works in that high regard? Now, I can say it was quite amusing.

Ok, I changed my mind. I don't really want to retell and relive that horrific event... of being taken to a little room, then interrogated for 2 hours with an English translator and 2 officers, who asked if I wanted to call my lawyer!

They say the worst and the best times are unforgettable, and that holds!

What I do love to relive repeatedly was being over the moon by my sister Mica's warm welcome, hopping into a Tesla, and enjoying flavorful sushi and chardonnay to cap the end of a tiring day.

A priceless lesson though: Follow your gut and roll your art next time you travel with them! 😘

Mica's lovely smile and spanking humor wiped out all thoughts of that crazy encounter with the taxmen! 😘

I got to ride Back to the Future's Delorean, not the Universal Studio's version, but for real! Yes, that's a 35-year old dream come true! 😘  

Proost! With Michelle and Mica. Our version of a Dutch treat is where you can smile bright, laugh loud over succulent sushi and a round of chardonnay. Ok, 2 rounds. 😘

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