Take it off, Madam! 😲

Take it off, Madam! 😲

While freeing my phone of digital clutter, I found this souvenir photo taken during the 2nd Arseneo Art Forum and Exhibition held in Egypt, 2019.Β  Priceless - the eyes never lie. At that time still tired from the long Manila - Abu Dhabi - Cairo flight, my soul windows sparkled with unspeakable bliss β€”to be just a few feet away from the monuments of a bygone era!

"Take your sunglasses off, Madam! You'll miss the sunset!", cried out the local guide as he snapped away. πŸ“·

A valuable note to self: We tend to overprotect ourselves from the elements. βœ‹

Too much sun-shielding from UV rays 😎 makes us miss out on enriching Vitamin D3 for our eyes. β˜€ Masks and shields over our faces that keep us from possible toxins, 😷 make us miss out on fresh air's life-giving oxygen and other enriching properties. 🌴

What to do?

Being vigilant as well as audacious both matter. It all comes down to personal choice. Whatever it is we choose, what we need to take off is fear 😱 as it suffocates the soul. When we live out our lives in love and trust, everything will be alright. πŸ€™

Take it off. Welcome clarity. πŸŒˆπŸ§˜β€β™€

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