Table 17 ☕

Table 17 ☕

There are things you just can't enjoy online.

A hearty conversation over hot chocolate and grilled ensaymada, is one of them.

"Table 17"; 12" x 12", mixed media on museum-wrapped, stretched canvas, 2021

The deliberate color mismatch of cups and saucers at Mary Grace cafe always lights me up. It's exactly how I like to play with my paints— simply toss the color wheel away, randomly

splash paints according to what speaks to me at the moment, and have fun.

Surely, we do need to remember to have fun, especially during these serious times. 🤸‍♀

After that last chocolate drop slides down your throat, and as you get up to leave, you notice the little table flag waving at you. As if it's saying, "Run along now, but do come back soon." 🤗

"Table 17" is from my "Tables of Plenty" series.

It describes not only the gastronomic treats, but the rich and tasteful conversations that these small joys come with. ❤️🤗

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