Sunday Every day 🌞

Sunday Every day 🌞

When my boys were little, they once told me, "Mom, we know what your favorite word is?"

"What is?" I asked.



Sunday Every Day,
12 x 12 in, mixed media on panelboard
Copyright Rissa Calica 2021


When you're running your own branding company, have a home mortgage to pay, (well, two since that included a vacation home for the sunset years) and 4 boys enrolled in an international school, your energies can be as spread out as a bunch of pick-up sticks. My natural response then to attending to my little boys' needs was always that- "Later".

It was at that time, I realized someday I would regret putting off what mattered most.

My family. In a quick blink of an eye, my boys would be all grown-up, flying off the coop one by one and living their respective lives.

Since then, I've become more mindful of every moment- my moments.

Today, we do our best to live in the NOW.

Friday movie and burgers on a Tuesday, Saturday morning runs on a Wednesday or a weekend brunch on a Monday. We turn "weak" days into "strong" days. Why live for the weekend when we can have Sunday Every. Single. Day? 🤸‍♀ 🌞 ❤️

Sunday Every Day is a mixed media piece on panelboard that celebrates living in the now. It depicts our favorite Sunday spread which we enjoy any given time of the week. It's a visual play of deliberate and willful strokes- both masterful and playful. This signature art style is a favorite when I bring priceless moments to life.

That perfect moment may be too late. Now is the time. ❤️

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