Sundance & Mischief 🙃

Sundance & Mischief 🙃

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Art in itself, let alone making it, is so joyful. This gorgeous piece is just so filled with it, it burst into a little poem. Much like spontaneous combustion. Enjoy!
Sundance & Mischief
12" x 12"
Mixed Media on Cotton Fibre
Copyright Rissa Calica 2021

There is always a sunrise,
that lights the world around us.
Sometimes it brings about a little ray of mischief,
in the form of a playful friend
who shares in our dance of life,
their love and laughter.
-Rissa Calica

Freshly framed. 🧡 All eager to deliver this delightful piece. 😘🤗
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