Style on the nile 🐫

Style on the nile 🐫

A Creative Director friend of mine couldn't help but upgrade my wardrobe on my fave pyramid souvenir shot. Although he thought the photo was epic, he said there was an attention tug-o-war between the swoosh on my Nikes and my smile. 👀

To keep the spotlight on my expression, he tucked my trainers under a pair of elegant gold-trimmed palazzo pants. And while he was at it, with some digital wizardry, he turned sundown to sunrise. ☀

First on the agenda at the 2nd Arsenoe International Art Exhibition and Forum 2019, was a visit to the Great Pyramids of Giza. I was awed at the majesty of this ancient wonder!

A Creative Director buddy, thought I could use a fashion makeover. I couldn't agree more. So stylish!

The result was a breathtaking, sophisticated travel memento. So quintessential, I thought it was worthy of the covers of Condé Nast Traveller and Vanity Fair. 📷

And so it did—but with my own layout wizardry! 🤩  🌟  A keepsake I don't mind revisiting over and over again. Try it on for size. 🌟 🤸

With the magic of photo editing, anyone can be a cover girl or a poster boy! 🤩

Apart from arting my travels, photos are one of my fave keepsakes. 🌟

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