Reverie β˜•

Reverie β˜•

Where does a cup of coffee take you?

Does it take you back to your favourite sidewalk cafe watching people scurry with their shopping?

Or to your usual espresso haunt where you and your tribe huddle for an upcoming project? πŸš€

11 1/4" x 15"
Acrylic on Cotton Fibre

Or does it take you forward to a java hut in the tropics, where you plan a balmy, sun and sea vacation as soon as borders permit?  🏝

Or does a cup keep you centered in the now, thankful for all the blessings, leaving the cares of the world irrelevant to you at that red, hot moment? 🌟

Mine took me to the marina of Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, watching sailboats glide on the Pacific Ocean. Feeling blessed for leaving footprints on that part of the world. Discovered shrimp on the barbie had nothing to do with Barbie dolls, and nursed a delicious cuppa double flat white. So grateful. 🌈  😘  πŸ™

On my way to "The Spit" to discover "Shrimps on the Barbie" had nothing to do with Barbie dolls! :)

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