Revealed 👀

Revealed 👀

I woke up feeling this way. So I painted it. 🎨

Bold, joyful strokes. Rich primaries. Can you tell how I woke up feeling?


My dear friend Brenda, mentioned this over a glass of vino...

“Even if you have various, experimental art styles, I see the very thread that unifies them… those turquoise strokes!”

She’s right. They vaguely appear in my koiscapes, crane art, tiny villages… but yes, they are there. 🤗

I realize loose and free markings make up my underpaintings. These are my very own lexicons that unconsciously stir from the deepest part of me, run down to the very end of my fingertips, then on to my canvas. You can say these are my very own rissaglyphics. 🤗  

And like the amazing glyphs in King Tut’s tomb, they are buried under the sand.

Perhaps, it's time I unearth them. Time to put them forward. Get them out there. Get them revealed.

Maybe that tells something about myself too.

Excited to see how this unfolds… ❤️🤸‍♀

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