Respect 🙏

Respect 🙏

There's so much polarity happening in today's narrative...

...plant-based vs. hoof-based
...the jabbed vs. the jab-less vs. white vs. yellow vs. brown supremacies...

It's a variety of personas, a collage of perspectives.

48 x 48 in.
Mixed media on stretched canvas
Copyright Rissa Calica 2021


Happily, we transcend this. We may not see things eye-to-eye but at the end of the day, we thrive side by side, at peace with each other and with our own selves. I'm good with what you stand for, and you're good with mine.

Respect is love. ❤️🙏

This stunning 48 x 48 in. piece is an assemblage of rice and Japanese element papers. Its high contrast palette of rich black, red, and opulent gold acrylics on stretched canvas is another act of joy. Now on display in my home gallery. 🎨  Come for a closer look 👀  and let's have a chat and coffee. ☕

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