On Learning Curves—and Power Patterns 🌈 💹

On Learning Curves—and Power Patterns 🌈 💹

Staying creative is as essential as an iced latte on a hot summer day. 🍹

Repetition and creating patterns comfort me. Even the afternoon sun has cast a shadow of parallel line patterns on my art!

To rev up my synapses, I do something different ever so often, like rerouting my walking paths, painting with my not-so-dominant hand, and lately, learning how to trade. 💹

I hear you, number-slinging and art don't mix in a perfect world. 🤭

But that exactly is where the magic happens. 🌈

Last weekend's Forex training was as daunting as lighting wet matches in the dark.

After countless tries, I couldn't figure out predicting outcomes. The learning curve was steep as a hike up Mount Tapyas, Coron.

Thankfully, my trading buddy Ana Ylagan would relentlessly say, "Once you surpass the learning curve, you'll realize all this is worth it." 🤓

Eureka! ⚡

That was literally what I saw... curves, lines, angles. After many hours of eyeballing the charts, the trading platform started looking like an art piece in progress. 🎉

The MetaTrader Trading Platform...whatta beauty!

Just like art, trading is all about patterns. Once you recognize them, you are able to predict market trends and outcomes. How comforting and rewarding!🎨

With this shift in perception, the overwhelming feeling turns into fun and now when markets open, my neurons are electrically charged... on a different canvas.

And looking at my current piece in progress, I know there's a Fibonacci sequence in here somewhere. 🤩🎉

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