"Nurture" AT THE WORLD ART FORUM, Cairo, Egypt

"Nurture" AT THE WORLD ART FORUM, Cairo, Egypt

Sustainability in Art is something close to my heart.

Which is why I didn't think twice and showed up (well, my art only, that is) in the By-Invitation-only World Art Forum, an international initiative on art sustainability led by the United Nations and the Egyptian government and other ministries held at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo, Egypt.

To be able to create pieces from upcycled materials and found objects has always been something that excites me.

"Nurture" is no exception.

This piece was created using homemade, handmade paper and painted with left over fountain pen inks. I also snuck crayons kept from my sons' kindergarten art stash. Graphites and acrylics from my college art box were also in the mix. Cornstarch and glue in place of gesso kept everything coherent and solid.

Isn't it surprising to see that this piece looks just  like my artpieces which usually require my studio-standards of Golden acrylics on archival cotton fibre stock?

Championing sustainability, hopefully "Nurture" inspires people that extraordinary well meant pieces can be achieved from everyday, mundane tools and objects.

8" x  8"
Mixed Media on Homemade, Handmade Paper
Copyright Rissa Calica Art 2021
Sustainable Art Series

On Exhibit at the World Art Forum (WAF),
National Museum of Egyptian Civilization,
Cairo, Egypt Jan 15-19, 2022.

Photos courtesy of world class curators, Shereen Badr  and Margo C. Le Lain,

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