Monogram Koi 🐠

Monogram Koi 🐠

My family's 9 koi— in the living room.
Splish, splash!

These 9 koi are looking extra playful today! So playful they "freestyled" to a letter G. 🙂 As if they're trying to tell me something...

G -  Good morning?

G -  Glad that you're here?

G -  Gorgeous day ahead?

Oh look, they just broke formation and now swam to form an "S"!

S - Slept well?

S - Said a prayer?

S - Shopping online again?

Whatever they're telling me, I captured them in vibrant, luscious paint and framed them. And what do you know— they make for fine, space-energizing, room uplifting, monogrammed koi art! 🌈 ☘

Propped the "G" for Gimenez- in my living room. Looks exquisite. 😍 And right after coffee, I'm "lalamoving" the "S" for Sotto to my sister Michi Sotto's residence. ☕🏍


Like the Koi... 🐠

Associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose, kois symbolize good fortune and abundance. ☘🌟

In these days of isolation and seeming uncertainty, if we as a family swim against the currents and persevere, peace and prosperity awaits us no matter how upstream our journeys may be.

Keep the high spirits, press on, be relentless! Let's be like the koi 🐠 in both the upstreams and downstreams of life. ☘🌟

Will surprise my sister Michi Sotto with this!

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