Meandering Sage 🍵

Meandering Sage 🍵

Aromatic, sweet, laced with earthy tones...

Sage", 12" x 12", Mixed Media on Panelboard; Copyright Rissa Calica, 2021

Every sip of sage tea lets my thoughts go for a wander, like a wandering Bedouin under the hot Wadi Rum sun.

In fact, that's where I enjoyed my first swig... 🍵

"Sage" is a visual brew of my daily cups of tea—the ones I enjoy in-between art layering and waiting for my paints to dry—and those I sipped in Amman, Petra, and Wadi Rum, Jordan. 🎨

I love the intermingling deliciousness of the inadvertent and willful paint strokes. The loose, free-spirited nature of my drawings is both masterful and playful. The colorway simply emits boundless joy!

Painting my travels defies time and space. My mind goes footloose and takes me where I want to go. At this very red-hot moment, it's at that Bedouin campsite, enjoying a simple yet filling tradition of tea-drinking, chatting with the locals about nomadic life on the dunes of that Jordanian desert. 🇯🇴

How about you? Where do you want to go today? ✈

With our Bedouin hosts, semi-nomadic desert dwellers, who are very much known for their hospitality.

Miss International Philippines, Adal Yung, takes our snap to capture this bucket-list moment.

This is how they cook their tea—in traditional kettles over a fire. Bedouin tea is infused with sage, cinnamon, fruits, and flowers.

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