Mallards 🐦

Mallards 🐦

I realize that my love affair with painting birds goes all the way back.

Decluttering, I found this piece— a watercolor plate I painted when I was 19 years old. Mallards.

"Mallards"; 13" x 18", Watercolor, 1985


I recall how I painted every feather with burning detail. I wanted my birds to be so life-like that if I tapped my fingers on my art board and uttered, "boo", they would fly away!

Mallard ducks have been purveyors of raising good vibes and consciousness, as well as challengers of conventional tradition.

They symbolize being able to handle emotions with grace and strength.

Perhaps these mallards from the past snuck up to me with a prophetic message. A message to help others see that they can elevate their good, soar to their highest potential, and specially during these unpredictable times, remind them that they have the ability to rise above any dilemma.

For me, art is a messenger that uplifts, encourages and enlivens. Art opens eyes, opens minds and opens heart. So expect more of all that to come.

In the meantime, take to the air with "Mallards". 🌈

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