Updated: Feb 16, 2021

"Family" in Japanese

"Family" in Japanese.
48" x 48"
Mixed Media on canvas

My sisters and I were looking forward to a much-awaited sisterhood reunion in Tokyo this April 2021.

Sundays at the Ginza....retro fashion and delightful crepes at Harajuku...melt-in-your-mouth tempura at Shimbashi...gadgets at Akihabara... night fevers at Shinjuku... Tokyo used to be our playground during our childhood summer breaks. It was time to revisit those wonder days.  

Then the nasty bug bites...

Instead of moping around from a canceled trip,  I painted Japanese-inspired pieces—huge ones— to commemorate those big moments growing-up with my 6 lovely and creative sisters.  Counting my favors, I'm blessed to grow up in an abundance of love and creativity.   Better days ahead. Colorful enough to reunite us even through art!

P.S. I animated it too! Check it out here https://www.rissacalica.com/post/fascination

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