I'm Perfection 🌟

I'm Perfection 🌟

A college friend wanted to catch up for coffee ☕ after 34 years.


But there was one catch— we leave home without makeup.


The thought of stepping into a Starbucks Reserve without the under eye concealer, blush, and lip stain felt like the passage of the cold front. It sent shivers down my spine.

Nevertheless, that day came. I splashed on an ounce of courage, powdered my nose with audacity and suited up with my best smile.

Guess what? All went well. Over coffee and laughs, I realized I didn't pay attention to what I didn't have on—makeup, but what I had—a great time.

When goodbyes were done and dusted I asked, "What was that all about?"

Then Bam! It hit me... 🌟

That tete-a-tete was really a tete-a-tete with my "imperfections" and honor them. 🌈

To say hello to the knowledge that the crinkles at the corners of my eyes, the crookedness of my lips and a skating rink for a forehead are what make me truly unique. 😍

"I'm perfection" retells that story in this visual articulation of verve and color. That no matter who you think you are and where you are in your life journey towards magnificence, you are perfect. 🏅

Like balsamic vinegar to olive oil, here's a little poem that adds some a zing to this painting:

I'm Perfection. 🌟

As it is, as I am
content, I have embraced
These looks are for the books,
Never a passing phase.

Time is never the barometer for
one's happiness and glow
I'm well, joyful and perfect
That's what the world needs to know.

No need to change these gifts
They are flaws not in my eyes
I'm all for embracing change
Never the disguised.

Perfection is a state of mind
In sync with the heart.
Take this, embrace this.
We are works of art. 🎨

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