Home gallery unlocked!

Home gallery unlocked!

Quarantine drove us to do business at home. With many of us outfitting our spaces into home offices, it made sense to me, to turn my living area into a home gallery during this volatile time.

I champion sustainable living with style!

There's magic in breathing new life to near forgotten objects around the house. So while  retaining the charm and history of my 1970s Scandinavian-style home, I gave the bricked walls a fresh coat of white paint. I moved the furniture around, took the liberty of refurbishing the exhibit trusses from my branding business and now ready to display my pride and joy—my paintings! That was it!

I love the feel— Vintage Scandinavian and Old World Filipino yet it's very contemporary, stylish and not to mention in trend. :)

Thank heavens for my brilliant architect and interior designer friend Arch. George Martin Palma. He's helped me maximise my space. He can help you too with your home-base biz. Check him out at https://www.facebook.com/george.m.palma.

Work in progress: Refurbished trusses hoisted in the foyer. More trusses in the living area where my sons aired their podcast. Next step: Hang my paintings!

My home gallery is still a work in progress, that's what artistic endeavours are all about, right? The beautiful process in which we take pride in. 

Holding pop up art shows here, looks like a great idea too. But while we are on home quarantine, online art shows and auctions are the ways to go. It's ironic that the lockdown unlocked so many possibilities.

How about you? Have you unlocked opportunities during this unprecedented time?

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