Hello, paradise 🏝

Hello, paradise 🏝

Sometimes, daily life can be a blur to me. Events seem to zip by quickly. So quick that I hardly could tell the days and months apart.

My favorite cup complements my little sanctuary!

Until the metro was locked down.

President Duterte announced community quarantine and urged us to stay indoors — "visit places within your home, you may not have visited in a long time."

He may have said this in jest, but it struck a chord in me.

Life slowed down in the days that followed. Heeding his call, I "travelled" ✈ from room to room and like any curious traveler, rediscovered—my balcony.

Pre-quarantine, the balcony was a least visited spot. I live along our village's main street, and you can imagine the deafening roars, vrooms and beeps from passing vehicles plus the stench of fumes that trailed behind them. It was a catch basin for urban toxicity.

Stepping out for another look, birds chirping, butterflies fluttering around the foliage, and a cool breeze blowing greeted. Sweet.

Today, it's my idea of paradise, a staple hangout, and dare I say, the perfect spot to write this post. 🖌

Truly, home is where the heart resides, and I've come to love the unexpected, the undiscovered and unappreciated. 🌟

How about you? Have you found your sacred space? Your paradise? 🏝🌈

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