Grow your lunch—and dinner too!

Grow your lunch—and dinner too!

I was sitting here in my front garden having my early Saturday morning coffee when I looked up to see—my lunch!

Images of a lit up grill danced before me. A serving of grilled eggplant with simple tahini dressing would be glorious.

Looking to my right, sweet potato leaves or "kamote tops" cascade from the patch of earth on the wall. A bunch can be turned into flavorful salad drizzled with zesty vinaigrette topped with sliced salted eggs.

What a hassle-free and healthful way to get nourished! Someday, there will be no need for me to go to the grocery or veggie stand. I’ll make my garden as bountiful as can be!

Inspired by a good buddy, corporate-guy turned gentleman farmer Ben Gomez Red, who has left the big city to grow a thriving garden and farm, I’m on my way to scale away from the city.

Soon I will be picking and plucking glorious produce for a dream buffet spread out of my garden or even plantation.

Correction, it's no longer just a dream.

Baby steps have been taken so now it’s an actionable goal.

With a workable timeline, it’s as good as a luscious reality.

I can already taste the freshness on my plate.

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