Glee 🤸‍♀

Glee 🤸‍♀

Updated: May 8, 2021

Painting "Glee" for 5 weeks now has been a delightful journey. However, it was time to bring it to a delightful finish. 🎨

Pan pastels always intrigued me and I was thrilled to dust them on "Glee".

How do you know when a painting is done?

I guess it's like what my Mom would say when someone is truly in love—

You just know.

Staring at "Glee" intently, I asked myself, "What final touches are needed? If looks 👁👁could melt, she would be like ice candy on a Siargao boardwalk.

Then the silence broke— "You need to hear our belly laughter" 😄

Makes sense. My cranes' "rissaglyphed" tummies were as flat as a beauty contestant's waistline in a bikini competition. 😯

I grabbed my pot of pan pastels, make-up brushes (yes, make-up brushes) and layered away the powder blush!

What's a peal of belly laughter without bellies?

My sister Marie, who was the Beauty Editor of Marie Claire during that time, gave these brushes to me.

I remember Marie telling me once, "An elegant woman never steps out of the house without looking put together."

And that's exactly what "Glee" needed— a put-together look. 💃

After dusting the blue blush, she was all set to leave, and bring glee to her new home!

I can almost hear the laughter. 😁❤️

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