From Forgotten to Unforgettable 🎉

From Forgotten to Unforgettable 🎉

Staying home 24/7 for over 8 months now, has made me notice a neglected spot —under the staircase.

Our Scandinavian-style console was reduced to a bedlam of gym gear with elastic bands, back rollers, kettle bell, dumb bells taking over the space. Mindbloggling!

The chaos got the better of me. More than just tidying up, I gave the space a refresh—without buying new furniture or home decor! Hey, it's the "pandemic".

Before: My paintings got lost in the clutter. For a moment there, they were invisible!

After: Even our beagle thinks under the staircase looks homier now!

Here's what I did:

I cleared the gym gear then refurbished the black frames of my paintings with a coating of mirrorized gold.

Next, I gave my console a retro redux with 2 coats of white chalk paint. Instant brightness!

By this time, I realized the gold, black and white colorway, conveyed the quiet elegance I wanted. So I came in again and sprayed my old, stained lamp shades black and the lamp stands gold.

Shopping around the house was fun. I reached for my son Jakey's, dragon popsicle-stick sculpture which he created when he was 11. It has been tucked away in my closet for years and I thought, this impressive, meaningful masterpiece complements my art. As you might have guessed, I painted it gold and propped it on 3 vintage Collier books! What a statement it made!

I then grouped my Egyptian canopic jars, which I got from a recent trip, together with local earthenware which I couldn't help but whitewash. Then I laid them out on a tray which I almost tossed. After giving it a golden bath, it deserved to stay longer in our home.

Next stop: Brought the outdoors in by propping a trailing houseplant from the garden, on to an oversized stemmed glass. So refreshing!

With a little tender loving care, my forgotten space just got unforgettable. 🤩

Do you have a spot that needs your TLC? Give it your attention. Move stuff around. It moves your spirits up as well!💖🌟


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