From Blasé to basil days 🌱

From Blasé to basil days 🌱

Updated: Mar 13

The weekend rolled in and in spite of all the work I put in, I felt like I just spun my wheels fast, did the grind yet did not accomplish anything at all.

In my kitchen: Sprigs of basil soaking in water—and the golden hour!


Monday to Friday went like...

• I hit a wall working on commissioned art.

• A brand campaign asset I've been working on with my corporate clients continued to drag yet another week. This has been going on since the pre Covid era.

• I got stymied as to where to mint my NFTs.

• I spent days trying to integrate my email marketing app to my website only to find out I had to change my site's platform to make it work.

• That only means it's ground zero for my e-commerce site —all over again.

Sigh. 😔

I just wanted to end my week with a sense of achievement.  End it right or forget about it.

It was obvious that, by reaching for a limoncello shot glass at 5pm entering Saturday night,  I've decided to just forget about it.

The glasses on the cupboard glistened in the sunset glow. I thought they would definitely look pretty lined on the kitchen window sill with fresh basil sprigs in them! I have been putting off propagating my basil for over 2 months. So why not now? It seemed like a good time.

Instead of swigging limoncello, I reached for my scissors, snipped away at my big pot of basil plant, and dipped the cuttings in the shot glasses.

Soon the roots will come out and I can repot and grow—15 new plants! What an enchanting way to end such a disenchanting week - or is it all a matter of perspective?

When life turns for the less favoured, it's really up to you to turn up the flavour! 🌱🤗

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