Found Me 🔭🎯

Found Me 🔭🎯

Back in Literature class, dissecting poetry was my thing.

Together with our lovely teacher Ms. Fermin, I loved how the class milked poems line by line. Extracting the very essence of Shakespeare, Emerson, and Thoreau's written pieces was sublime.

This is how I appreciate art today.

Every stroke, every colorway, every form makes me wonder what the artist wants to say.

It's also how I create my art. Every square inch is meaningful. ❤️🎨

May I introduce you to "Found Me". It's a delightful piece of pastel acrylics and gentle graphite. Its swirly strokes and loose pencil markings are a dance of line and color hoping to bring you to your happiest moments of self-discovery and new awakenings. ❤️☀

Found Me
12 x 12 in
Mixed Media on Cotton Fibre
Copyright Rissa Calica 2021


Of course, I milked this piece with a little poem. 🐄 🖋

Powder blue skies,
Floaty cotton clouds,
Lemony sunlight
Blessed the most gorgeous day ever,
Turning on the pink light of hope within,
Finding my very best self
That moment you
Found me. 👓 ❤️

May you be wildly blessed,

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