Fate or Koicidence? 🐠

Fate or Koicidence? 🐠

With besties Vicki, Ella and Patty, lazing on the sand, ready for our midday mojitos. 😍

I knew It!

My affinity for Koi runs deep!

See, this popped up from my Facebook Memories—a souvenir shot from a 2012 Cebu holiday with my besties. Oh, it was unforgettable! 🏝

Our days on the Mactan Shangri-la beach were hardly spent out of the water—we almost grew fins! 🐠

They say you embrace your subject of choice, I've been doing that to the Koi even before I thought of painting them.

Maybe I was one in my past life? Or maybe even half koi half human? Haha. Fun and relaxing times right there. 🏝✈ 🌈

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