Fascination 🤩

Fascination 🤩

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

I've always been fascinated with motion in art. Movement gives art a pulse. Rhythm brings art to life. Perhaps that's why koi 🐠 and birds 🦆are a couple of my favorite subjects. They flow, they fly, they are free... 🤸

And so I asked... "What if my paintings did really move?"

The answer: My attempt at 2D kinetic art with gracefully gliding koi. Joyful. Mesmerizing. A visual treat of bringing the beat of the wild onto a painting.

Get delighted in what seems to be an underwater orchestral festival!  🥁🎺🎷

From sights to sounds, to turn this viewing experience into a treat for the senses, an original song was created just for this piece. 🎼

Listen close enough, and you'll hear the sound of playful koi through the soundscape! Cheerful, optimistic, and celebratory! 🎉

Just in time to welcome peace and prosperity in the Chinese New Year 2021.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! 🏮🎎

Art: Kazoku
Music: As The Soul Prospers
Copyright 2021
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