Decode your markings

Decode your markings

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

My art is replete with markings. Either I activate my canvas with a scribble or an underpainting, or I embellish the final layer with squiggles.

-- It's just like signing my painting at the beginning and at the end. In fact, that’s what a doodle is…a mark that’s as unique as one’s signature.

So do you doodle too?

Did you know these give clues to your personality? 

Here’s what Sheila Lowe, graphologist and president of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, has to say about what’s in your subconscious as communicated through your doodles:

• Straight lines and angles
If you scribble squares, triangles or patterns made of straight lines, you may have an immediate need for control and order. Zigzag lines suggest an aggressive personality, while stars are often drawn by ambitious and optimistic people.

• Curves, circles and spirals
If you unconsciously draw circles, loops and curves, your thoughts are coming from an emotional place…a place that connotes romantic or feminine energy.

• Mandalas
When you draw concentric circles or spirals of repetitive motifs, or patterns that seem to grow like flowers, then this suggests that you’re optimistic and always look at life as half full and not half empty.

• Nature and landscapes
If you find yourself doodling the sun, flowers, trees, and the ocean, then you either have an innate love for the outdoors or feel stifled and need to get out more.

The sun suggests you’re a dreamer and that you imagine a lot. Bright and perky flowers suggest you’re seeking further development somewhere, like in your career or relationship. Downward botanicals suggest worry. If you catch yourself scribbling drooping florals, find out what caused you to feel upset.

• Names or Initials
If you doodle your name or initials a lot, you may have a big ego and enjoy being the center of attention. Scribbling someone else’s name shows that he or she is in your thoughts — perhaps either there is a challenge that needs to be addressed or that you are romantically attracted to that someone.

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