Artists? Or Masseuses? 😲

Artists? Or Masseuses? 😲

What could be more colossal than the Colosseum behind us? Clue: Not our artist bags. Just three thankful hearts. ❤️❤️❤️
It was just like a scene from a movie: My bestie, world-class artist-curator Margo C. Le Lain, proudly checked in her oversized baggage at the Nantes Atlantique Airport counter. It was an artist portfolio bag that contained two of her prized paintings.

Margo was off to meet me and my sister, Mica, in Rome for the 2020 International Women's Exhibit, "Her Majesty". We prayed, raved, and talked about meeting up in Europe for many years. Finally, in a few hours, it was bound to be real!

The ground attendant looked at the oversized piece inquisitively and raised a curious eyebrow or two. She perhaps wondered what was in the baggage.

Margo leaned over the counter, ready to spill her excitement. She was raring to chat about her upcoming international exhibit and meeting her art gal pals and all, when suddenly the ground attendant asked...

"Massage Bed?"

LOL. It's funny how people can look at the same thing but see it differently. We interpret stuff based on life from behind our eyeballs. Our perceptions differ since our personal points of view vary too.

Maybe that ground attendant had a long day and wished she was somewhere else, like at the spa.

Exhibition day arrives. Here we are done hanging our paintings and headed back to our hotel for lunch, and to freshen up for that evening's art opening.

Dashing through the Parco di Colle Oppio, onlookers gave us curious looks, just like that ground attendant. What did they see this time?

3 massage-bed-lugging spa attendants late for their appointments?

3 eager-to-get-home handy moms with their IKEA flat packs in tow?

Or simply 3 artists highly excited for their first Roman art premiere?

Whatever it was, we knew who we were and our mission:  Just three giggly girls living the answered prayer! 🙏

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