1 🕊

1 🕊

Updated: Feb 27

30 x 30 in.
Oil on canvas


Exactly, 432 moons ago, 🌙 (ok, to save you from computing... this was February 1986), the graduating fine arts class was tasked to paint on a 30 x 30 in. canvas on whatever subject we wanted. We had less than 24 hours to turn in our individual plates. Miss the deadline and huge penalties will be slapped on the final grade.

I got home that evening under high pressure. The blaring TV did not help at all. To top it off, there was a discussion in my parents' ante room. Mom wanted to march at EDSA, while my Dad cautioned her to stay home.  These were uncertain times.

I sat at my art table, to quiet down. Once settled, my sentiments took to the brush. 🎨

Will our beloved Philippines be free from the tyrannic Marcos regime? Of so, can it be a peaceful one?

In a few hours, 7 cranes and the moon emerged. That inner yearning burst forth. 🕊

The 7 cranes are my siblings and me, together with the rest of the Philippine people literally over the moon should freedom happen.

Today, this painting hangs in my bedroom and I wake up each day grateful for living that answered prayer.

I call this piece "1". If there's that one piece of mine that speaks volumes about freedom, then this is it. Not to mention, that's the grade I got from Painting Class. 🥇

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